Thinking of Taking the Abortion Pill?

If you have taken the first pill (green box- Mifegymiso/Mifepristone) you need to calculate the hours since the time you swallowed that pill. It is ideal to start the reversal process within 24-72 hours from taking this drug (earlier is better for you and your little one). Example: You took the abortion pill (green box) at 9.00am on Monday morning, for the best chance of success in this scenario, you should contact us by Thursday at 9.00am (72hrs). We recommend contacting us regardless, as we may still be able to help.

Time is of the essence. Please call us 24/7 for immediate assistance, even if you have passed 72 hours after taking the abortion pill. It may not be too late. Contact us at 1.888.612.3960 for support or talk to someone on LiveChat now.
If you wish to reverse the abortion pill process, you must  call us 24/7 at 1.888.612.3960 for immediate assistance. Our private, confidential support team will refer you to a medical health professional or doctor in your area. An ultrasound will confirm the gestational age of your child, the baby’s heart rate and to make sure that you are not experiencing an ectopic pregnancy (where the little one implants outside the uterus). You will be prescribed progesterone, a  natural hormone, that is needed to sustain pregnancy. Progesterone may be given, orally, vaginally or intra-muscularly. The treatment will usually continue through the first trimester of your pregnancy.

Is The Abortion Pill
Reversal Safe?

Yes, progesterone is safe. Progesterone is a naturally occurring hormone which has been used safely in pregnancy for over 50 years. You may experience sleeplessness, dizziness, headaches or light headedness. You must be sure to let your health care provider know as soon as possible and follow their instructions.

Yes, the treatment (progesterone) used to reverse the effects of the abortion pill is safe and does not cause birth defects. Progesterone has been safely used in pregnancy for over 50 years. See the latest evidence (here and here) showing that progesterone does not cause an increased risk of birth defects.

Initial studies have found that the birth defect rate in babies born after the APR is less or equal to the rate in the general population.

Initial studies of the abortion pill reversal via intra-muscular and high dose oral progesterone have shown a 64-68% success rate.

You should also know that if you do not take the second abortion pill, misoprostol, your pregnancy may continue even without the abortion pill reversal treatment. The abortion pill reversal has been shown to increase the chances of allowing the pregnancy to continue. However, the outcome of your particular reversal attempt cannot be guaranteed.

New Abortion Pill Reversal Study

Abortion Pill Reversal Study Shows a 68% Success Rate

A Case Series 

Progesterone Use to Reverse the Effects of Mifepristone

How Much Help
Can I Expect?

You are not alone, we’re here to help! We will help you find the resources you need for your particular situation. If you are considering raising your child, a network of groups is available who can help you learn how to parent your baby and offer support. If you would like to understand the adoption process, we can connect you with the assistance you require. We will even help you to tell your parents if you need some support. Don’t let fear decide your future. Call us today 24/7 at 1.888.612.3960

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We have a colleagues who work in the area of helping mothers cope with the loss of their children before birth. Do not be afraid to call if you need support or if you believe that the chemical abortion is complete. We will listen and help you to work out your feelings, while you come to terms with your baby’s loss.

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Silent No More Awareness

If you are suffering from an abortion experience, you are not alone. Countless women and men have been deeply damaged by abortion.  There is hope. Confidential counselling and healing services are available.

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Silent No More Awareness

Don’t let fear decide your future.

If you need help and would like to attempt to reverse the abortion pill, please call the helpline at 1.888.612.3960